The Simons Group's mission is to provide the highest quality of investigative services with complete integrity, outstanding customer service and personal attention.

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  • Gary Simons - CEO

  • Craig Montemurro - CFO

  • Toni Francavilla - Manager of Administration and Operations

  • Janet Giddings - Supervisor of Information Services

  • Bill Bowen - Manager of Investigations

Gary Simons

Gary Simons has been involved in investigations for over eighteen years. First starting in the casino industry and then moving into insurance investigations. Over the years Gary’s service practices and integrity has allowed him to establish a loyal client base, which has continued to grow. Gary’s hands on approach to case handling is one of the strong service practices that his clients enjoy and can expect when they request “The Simons Group”.

Now Serving All of United States!

  • Pensylvania
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Delaware